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Faster Time-Tracking with TSheets

As you have probably gathered by now, I’m a big proponent of streamlining workflow.  One area that often doesn’t work so well in QuickBooks is time tracking. Many of my contractor clients want something they can access out in the … Continue reading

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Understanding Items Pt. 2 – Item Setup

Last time I wrote about Items, saying they were probably one of the most misunderstood features in QuickBooks and discussed what an Item was.   I then mentioned that a common mistake was to use the wrong Type of Item.  Today … Continue reading

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Understanding QuickBooks Items – Part I

I started using QuickBooks back in 1996, thinking it was just another piece of software I could easily learn.  Boy, did I underestimate QuickBooks!  But, many years and certifications later, I’ve learned sooo much yet still find myself learning since … Continue reading

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Helpful, Under-Used Job Cost Reports

Now that the weather is warm, projects are gearing up and keeping up with job costs is important. While QuickBooks has several good job cost reports, here are Job Cost reports that often go under or un-used. Estimated vs Actual … Continue reading

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