Faster Time-Tracking with TSheets

As you have probably gathered by now, I’m a big proponent of streamlining workflow.  One area that often doesn’t work so well in QuickBooks is time tracking. Many of my contractor clients want something they can access out in the field and they frequently have crews, too. You might want to take a look at TSheets.

There are several aspects I like about TSheets:

  • The ease of setuptsheets
  • The integration with QuickBooks (has my “job-costing” approval, too!)
  • Its flexibility for a variety of mobile options (dial-in, text, smartphone, web, twitter)
  • Crew option
  • Spanish option
  • Overtime alerts – wouldn’t you love a heads-up on this!
  • Real-time monitoring – you can see who’s working where
  • GPS tracking – verify they are where they say they are
  • DCAA compliance
  • You can even limit which customers they see!  That’s especially helpful for those of you with maintenance crews and hundreds of customers.
  • Their awesome customer support – rated #1 by customers by  They’re also very friendly and fun-loving!
  • Great pricing (even better when you take advantage of the discount available through me).

Because of all the above features, I took the time to certify in TSheets.

If you are manually entering timesheets for employees, I highly recommend taking a look. To have someone else enter the time while out in the field, and you just need to review/edit, can be a real timesaver – especially if you have crews. I’ve done those timesheets and it can be a lot of work!

Keep in mind, this is time only, so for those of you looking for scheduling, other job-related functionality, and/or expense tracking, then there are other products better suited for your needs.  But if you are manually entering timesheets, I would definitely recommend taking a closer look at TSheets.  You could even use TSheets as a stop-gap method while you search for an add-on that does more than track time.

TSheets has a free 14-day trial and you receive a 10% discount for the first year when you sign up through me.So here’s my URL for you to use: me know if you have any questions! tsheets1


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