Intuit Addresses Pain Points With QuickBooks 2016

Intuit seemed to focus on a few pain points this year with their 2016 QuickBooks. And if you’ve experienced some of these, you may be very happy to see these new features!

Bulk Clear Send Forms – Ever have lots of invoices showing in the Send Forms window but you don’t want/or need to send them? In the past, you could delete only one at a time – painful I know for many of you. Now you can remove multiple forms at one time!



Fiscal Year to Last Month Report Filter – How often do you run reports from the beginning of the year to the end of last month? In QuickBooks, you could do year to date, but if you’re in the middle of October and want to see your numbers through the end of September, you always had to manually change the date. Now you can use this new drop-down report option and memorize the report so you won’t have to continually update the date anymore!



Auto Copy Ship-To For those of you who ship products and/or materials to customers or job sites, it wasn’t an option when you created the purchase order from the sales order – you always had to edit the PO. Now you can have this automatically filled in for you by selecting the Drop Ship to Customer.



Filter for custom fields in Item reports – Personally I love using custom fields in QuickBooks. When it comes to Item Custom Fields, examples could be size, color, material, variety, name, etc. While you could use them in various reports, you couldn’t filter on the custom fields for Items. Now you can!



Bill Tracker – While my personal preference by far is still the Company Snapshot, many have liked the Income Tracker. So now there’s a Bill Tracker (this assumes you use Accounts Payable & Purchase Orders!)



Sort on Columns in Receive Payment (Available in Enterprise only)When you have a payment from a customer with lots of open invoices, the ability to sort can simplify receiving payment.



Advanced Reporting (available in Enterprise only)– Intuit continues to add more power to this already powerful reporting tool that gives you access to the tables in Enterprise. They have also added more training videos, user guides and templates. You can even drag & drop!



So should you upgrade? Personally, I don’t see this as a must unless a couple of the improvements have been major pain points for you. But for those of you who do upgrade, I think you’ll be happy with these new and improved features.

As a reseller, we get updates on pricing at least monthly if not more often and many times have discounts which we are not at liberty to advertise. So be sure to check with us when you are want to upgrade or want to talk about it.

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