Is It Time For A Change?

Is it time to make a change with your bookkeeping and accounting? As you get near the end of 2015, it’s a good time to evaluate whether or not you need to make some changes. Here are some thoughts regarding the Intuit products:1


  • Software:
    • Is your version of QuickBooks the best for you? That’s almost always one of the first things I review when working with a new client. There are different versions of QuickBooks – online comes in 3 different options as does desktop (okay, 4 if you count mac, but Intuit doesn’t put in the same resources into the mac as the other products.). As your business evolves, you may find the version that you were using, is no longer the best suited for you. And while Intuit is pushing QuickBooks Online, the desktop products are still best for those of you with job costing and/or inventory.
    • If you are in the desktop version of QuickBooks, then what year are you using? Intuit drops support after 3 years, so I have clients who simply decide to purchase every 3 years. However, I strongly advise all my clients to review the new features EVERY year before deciding whether or not to upgrade. There are times the new version will actually save you money with the new feature(s). So don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish!
    • This page can help you choose.. There’s a chart that compares the features of the different versions and videos so you can see the differences.   If you need more assistance, contact our office and we’ll be happy to assist.
    • Also keep in mind that as resellers and ProAdvisors, we are alerted to special deals so we can help you get the version best for you at a great price.
  • Payroll – This is the best (and easiest) time of year to make a change to your payroll. Intuit has several payroll products and offers the best in integration.
    • If job costing is important, then Enhanced and Assisted are your best options and we can get you discounted pricing.
    • If you don’t need job costing, then I encourage you to look at Intuit’s Full Service Payroll (IFSP)- it’s what I would use! And yes, we can get you lower pricing. We even have a payroll rep dedicated to working with our clients.
    • This year, Enterprise Gold and Platinum include unlimited Enhanced Payroll – some have found that to be a huge savings. Contact us so we can help you decide what’s best and help you get great pricing.
    • Not sure what’s best for you? Contact our office so we can help you.
  • Payments – Intuit has FINALLY simplified their different methods for accepting payments. They have bundled receiving payments by check with credit card processing AND have a $0 monthly option. So I highly recommend Intuit Payments even if you don’t accept credit cards.
    • Checks – With the e-check feature, you simply key in the check number (as usual), routing and account number and QuickBooks will process the check when you save the transaction. This will normally be in your bank account a day or two later – you simply pay $.50/check – and no monthly. No more going to the bank! That time savings alone can be big – not to mention you get the money in your account faster which is also great for cash flow. Interested? Let us know and we’ll connect you to our dedicated Payments rep.
    • Credit Cards – As you have probably heard me say before, make it easy for clients to pay you so they pay you faster. And with Intuit Payments, you won’t beat the integration. Integration saves time AND errors, both of which can be big savings, so always keep that in mind.
    • If you don’t process many cards, the $0 monthly is the way to go – this was not an option before.
    • If you process quite a few, then the monthly fee with the lower percent per transaction may be your better option. Even if you spoke with Intuit a few years ago, it’s worth checking again.
    • GoPayment is included with Intuit Payments, so you can receive payments while away from the office with your smart phone or tablet.
    • As a reseller, we can help you get good rates and we have an Intuit rep assigned to working with us.

So is it time to revisit your Intuit products? Let us know if you would like to review and/or make a change and we’ll be happy to help you decide what’s best for your business and get the best deal.

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