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For those of you with seasonal businesses, such as landscapers and other contractors, you may find this time of year you are doing lots of hiring, depending on the size of your business.  And anyone who’s been involved with that process knows that it can be time consuming.  For those of you who are responsible for setting the employee up in QuickBooks, the payroll template could help you save some time.
Payroll TemplateThe simplest way is to go into the Employee Center and click on Manage Employee Information > Change New Employee Default Settings (shown on the right).  But you can also access the Employee Payroll Template from the Company Payroll Preferences (below).

Payroll Template


Once in the template,

Payroll Template
  • You can choose the most common payroll items, such as hourly wage, overtime, holiday pay, health insurance, etc.; it’s up to you whether or not you enter any default rates.
  • You can select the Payroll Schedule or Pay Frequency
  • You can opt to have the time data to create paychecks
  • You can even set up some of the tax defaults.  Some may leave Federal alone but most of you could set up some state defaults (show below)
Payroll Template


And while we’re on the topic of employees, those of you in versions older than 2015 are missing out on all the additional fields now available to help you through the hiring and employment process.

Payroll Template
Payroll Template

So check out the payroll templates and knock some time off the employee setup process.  Let us know if we can be of any assistance.

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