I Need a Product That Does…

Perhaps you’ve been complaining about a problem and don’t realize that a solution exists. Sometimes it’s helpful to know what’s out there.

I put add-on products in 2 categories –

  1. Industry-specific and
  2. Task-specific

Typically you’ll find predominantly industry-specific products at the conferences and trade shows you attend. Industry specific solutions understand you and your industry so there are some great products out that that handle a variety of issues you have, integrate with QuickBooks – and you need only 1 product.

Scaling New Heights, the conference I recently attended, was for accountants, bookkeepers, consultants who all work with some version of QuickBooks. So we saw accounting/bookkeeping solutions. Many of these would be considered “task-specific” for you. My personal favorites– Bill & Pay, Method, NetSpend and TSheets

Here are several great task-specific products

  • Cash Flow
    • Bill and Pay – Speed up invoicing, payments and collections with automatic reminders, auto-pay invoicing, automatic credit card expiration reminders, and auto-sync with QuickBooks. Click here for more info – Be sure to use MuirAssoc for your invitation code to get setup fee waived
    • Fundbox – Quickly and easily get an advance on an unpaid invoice when you need the cash. No application, funds in your account the next business day! No fee unless you use it. Quick and easy to sign up, quick and easy to advance the funds! Click here for more info
Add-on Products
  • CRMMethodCRM – The top-rated CRM for QuickBooks and a product I both use and love. Track your leads, correspondence, sale opportunities for leads or customers, and real-time sync. Web-based, highly customizable and very powerful. Originally also promoted as remote access for QuickBooks so you’ll find you can use this for many of your QuickBooks tasks in addition to the CRM. Click here for a free 30 day trial and an hour of Method assistance.
Add-on Products
  • Expense trackingExpensify – take a picture of a receipt with your phone, it’s transformed to expenses and integrates with QuickBooks. No more lost receipts or hours of data entry. Can import to Accounts, Items, Customers & Jobs, Classes and Locations. Click here for more info
  • Paperless – Neat Tired of all those pieces of paper and in different places? Or maybe workers “lose” receipts? With Neat, you can snap a picture with your phone, scan, or email all to a central place for easy cataloging/organization. For desktop QuickBooks, you can retrieve those documents and attach to transactions, customers, vendors, etc. With QB Online, documents can be read and converted to transactions!. Click here for more info
  • Payroll – NetSpend – For contractors with employees who have no bank account, this is a great solution: employee paycheck goes on a prepaid debit card! They can use it for “check” cashing, paying bills and at MoneyPass ATM’s. No fee for card and Intuit waives direct deposit fee. Click here for special deal
  • Sales TaxAvalara. Simplify and automate sales tax. If you have to keep track of what’s taxable, who’s taxable and where, you might want to take a close look at Avalara. Avalara keeps up with all the rules, can remit the tax forms and payments and even file and keep up with all your sales and use tax forms! Hands down, this is the recommended product for those who have to track and report on multiple sales tax jurisdictions. Click here for more info
  • Time tracking & schedulingTSheets – A highly-rated easy scheduling time tracking product for employees of all levels that syncs easily with QuickBooks. It fills in the timesheets with task & customer! Good for a wide range of service industries including those who need job costing, like contractors, landscapers, and even government contractors who need DCAA compliance. Also has GPS tracking, crew tracking and a Hispanic option. Click here for a free trial and a 15% discount on your first year if you sign up. Be sure to use MuirAssoc for the coupon code!
Add-on Products

Let me know if you have questions on these or other products or needs. Would love to hear if you try and/or use any of these and your opinion.

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