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I know some of you go by the “every 3 year” plan, but I’m a big proponent of checking out the new features every year to see if the new version would be beneficial for you. When the batch timesheets came out, to me that was a must upgrade for anyone who had crews – even if you had just bought the year before. For those of you with multiple users in QuickBooks, 2017 might be well worth buying – even if you just bought last year. While there aren’t lots of new features, some of these new features are ones businesses have wanted for quite some time, like the new features for multi-user mode. So check them out!

You can look at the New Feature Tour when you’re in QuickBooks. That way if you can’t
find my email or QuickBooks 2017blog, you still have a way to see if something new would be beneficial to your use of QuickBooks


Save time with additional functionality in Multi-User Mode

  • Now you can stay in Multi-User Mode to
    • Pay Bills
    • Print Checks
    • Create Invoices from Estimates
    • Create Bills from Purchase Orders and
    • Scan Checks

About time!!

If you use Enterprise, then there are 2 more features for multi-users:

  • First, the Admin user can send a request for others to log out so the admin can work in single user mode BUT what’s new is
    • The admin can ask the others to log out in so many minutes AND
    • The admin user can say how long they expect to be in single-user mode.

QuickBooks 2017

  • Secondly, the Admin user can also force users out of the company file- including the times when an employee leaves QuickBooks running after they leave the office. ;-)

Fill out Weekly Timesheets Faster with Copy Line

While I’m a fan of mobile time tracking, for those who do timesheets in QuickBooks, this simple feature can speed up filling out those weekly timesheets in QuickBooks. Copy Last Sheet (available in older versions) doesn’t always work. Copy Line, which has been available in Estimates, Invoices, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, gives you more flexibility as to what will be copied. And when someone is doing the same task, same job for a few days, this makes the data entry go faster!

QuickBooks 2017


  • Smart SearQuickBooks 2017ch – This lets you find Items, Accounts, Names faster – you no longer have to remember the beginning of the name! In the example on the right, when I typed in sh, in 2016 and older, nothing shows, but in 2017 (below), I see my choices! In order to use this option in 2017, you need turn the “automatically open drop-down lists when typing” option. This is found in General section of My Preferences, not in the Search as I would have expected ;-)
    QuickBooks 2017






  • In Between Amounts -About time!! In other versions, you had to either specify an exact amount or use greater than/equal or less than/equal, but could not put in a range. This sometimes gave you waay more results than you wanted to look through. Now, you can put an upper and lower limit (From/To)!

QuickBooks 2017

  • Find Customers/Vendors faster   Before, the only way you could search for Customer or Vendor Types was by running a List report and then using Type as a Filter. Now, you can do this search right within the Centers! (And if you’re not using Types, then here’s an article that includes a discussion on Customer Types.)

QuickBooks 2017

  • Vendor types can be helpful if you want to pull up a list of subs with certain specialties or some other criteria.

QuickBooks 2017

Report Improvements

  • Quicker Filter Selection – If you ever need to select multiple accounts, multiple customers, multiple Items, it’s been somewhat tedious in QuickBooks. Now Intuit has added a few features that makes this go faster:
    • You can easily search for the one(s) you want
    • You can select all or even clear all
    • You can check the ones you want (this part isn’t really new)

QuickBooks 2017

  • Show Filters Used on Report – Ever wonder what was selected when you look at a report? In prior versions, you have to click on Customize Report to see which filters were used. Now you choose to see them listed at the top of the report in a Filters panel (and you can easily “hide” if you don’t need it)! You can even click on the “x” if there’s a filter you don’t need/want instead of having to go back to Customize Report!

QuickBooks 2017

Minor Improvements but Major to some

Credit Card Charge now shows Cleared Status – For those who have credit cards set up as accounts in QuickBooks and reconcile the account, you could never tell which charges had cleared unless you went into the register or reviewed a report. Now you see the status, just like checks.

QuickBooks 2017

  • Deposits Made Easier with Visual Reminder – I don’t see this problem as often any more, but some people will receive the payment (showing the invoice is paid) but when they make the deposits, they enter the customer name, income account and information all over again; sometimes this happens when people download bank transactions and have a deposit to enter. Unfortunately, this overstates your income (very depressing when you figure that out!). One of the reasons for the Home Page is to show users the flow. If you have entered payments, then when you click on Make Deposits, the payments appear. With 2017, there’s now an alert to let you know you have payments to deposit. So if you inadvertently enter the a deposit without using the payments, the number won’t disappear until you do it the “QuickBooks” way. As a side note, I recently recorded a video showing a way to fix this. Let me know if you need it!

QuickBooks 2017

  • Deleted Users show on Audit Trail – In the past, if someone left and you deleted their name from your list of users, the Audit Trail would list “unknown user” instead of the user’s name. Now you can see both the name and that the user’s name has been deleted from your QuickBooks.

QuickBooks 2017

The “hot” new feature, Scheduled Reports, I’ve written about in a separate article because it’s more involved.

So should you upgrade? You need to determine how much time you can save with some of the new features and/or how much time is being lost by the slower methods.

As a reseller, we get updates on pricing at least monthly if not more often and many times have discounts which we are not at liberty to advertise. So be sure to check with us when you are want to upgrade or want to talk about it.

Contact our office if you have questions or would like assistance 301-696-1303

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