Automate Sending Reports with the New Scheduled Reports in QuickBooks 2017

Do you need to send a business partner, boss, accountant or board members reports on a regular basis? Don’t you wish you could automate that? Now you can with the new Scheduled Report feature in all desktop versions of QuickBooks!

I’ll cover the basics and then touch on some of the “tech” components you’ll need to know.Scheduled Reports

  • Memorize the report(s) you want to send. (Because this is all being automated, be sure to use the drop-down dates when creating your report and NOT manually keying in the dates.)





  • Select the reports you want to schedule

Scheduled Reports






  • Scheduled your report(s).  (Reports>Scheduled Reports>Schedule) Notice you can pick frequency (Daily, Weekly, Every 2 weeks, Monthly, Quarterly), time of day and even be notified 4 hours before the report(s) are sent. Also note the additional comments in this screen about keeping your computer on, etc.

Scheduled Reports

  • Compose your email. Notice that you will need to let the receiver know the password for these confidential reports.

Scheduled Reports

So here’s what a schedule could look like: (Reports>Scheduled Reports>Scheduled Report Center). Notice you can have different schedules for different reports and recipients and you can edit the schedule.

Scheduled Reports

Now let me get into several tech issues you’ll need to know:

  • Scheduled Reports uses the Microsoft Task Scheduler, not the reminder feature in QuickBooks, so some of these tech comments are due to the scheduler “rules”.
  • Scheduled Reports does NOT function in a multi-user or hosted mode, or if multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2017 are installed on the same computer .
  • Only the QuickBooks Admin user can create, edit, inactivate or delete a Scheduled Report setup.
  • Scheduled Reports can be setup ONLY in Single-User Mode.
  • You will need the “My Preferences” Keep QuickBooks Running for Quick Startups turned off.
  • When choosing the email you’ll use in the Send Forms (found in My Preferences), note that Scheduled Reports will not work with the QuickBooks E-Mail option.
  • Outlook needs to be running at the time selected for sending the scheduled report(s), if that’s the email you use.
  • Automated reports will be sent even if QuickBooks is closed. However, the computer where QuickBooks is stored must have sleep mode in power settings disabled.
  • The initial setup of a Scheduled Report requires:
    • Windows User Account with “Administrator” privileges
    • QuickBooks run with Windows Administrative Rights, or with User Account Controls set to “Never Notify”
    • The Windows User Account must be a local, non-roaming profile

If you’re unsure of what some of the above means, then you may want to pull in your IT support to help you get going.

This is a new feature, so we are expecting to see some changes – especially since so many are in either multi-user mode and/or in hosted environments.

Contact our office if you have questions or would like assistance 301-696-1303

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