Save Time with These Mobile Products

With today’s technology, we’re able to do so much more by web and smart devices.  You can save time (and not worry about forgetting), if you can jot down notes or handle details quickly.  And for many, QuickBooks is still in the office. So here are some task-specific products that work with QuickBooks you can use away from the office saving you time and sanity!

Mobile Lead Tracking (CRM)mobile

Use your smartphone to enter new leads or to add notes when you’re meeting with them with Method CRM. This is a product I use, too. You can assign tasks to staff and have reminders sent out.  You can easily look at a list of leads and opportunities when away from the office.  If a lead becomes a customer, with a click of a button you can sync with QuickBooks!  – free 30-day trial

Mobile Invoicing

  • Method CRM – With Method CRM, you can also invoice from your phone, tablet. You can use the customized invoice templates you have in QuickBooks. You can also check on customer balances. free 30-day trial
  • Bill & Pay– I love Bill & Pay for many reasons (integration with QuickBooks is one), but it does so much more.  Besides giving customers a way to pay you online, help manage collections automatically, you can email an invoice from Bill & Pay to your customer and then sync this invoice with QuickBooks. This is great for when you’re not in your office or in QuickBooks but want to get an invoice out the door!  Click here for more information on this product and free trial.  Be sure to use my invitation code muirassoc.

Mobile Paymentsmobile

Intuit Payments has the best integration with QuickBooks (making bank reconciliations easier), no contract and has made lots of changes to their pricing so I always suggest trying Intuit before going elsewhere.  Do reach out to us so we can help you get the best deal with Intuit.

With Intuit payments, you can process checks or credit cards.  And using their GoPayment (included with your payment account), you can swipe the card with your smartphone or tablet (no waiting for the “check is in the mail”) and you get the lower credit card processing rate. Click here to see how it works

Or you can access your merchant account online to charge a customer’s credit card or their check information.

As a ProAdvisor and Premier Reseller, we’re able to get our clients special deals with Intuit’s merchant services. We can also help you get it setup and show you how to use it if you need.

Mobile Time Tracking

There are lots of products out on the market nowadays that integrate with QuickBooks. Offense industry specific works best because they understand you.  Industry specific often includes other features.  A few my clients use include CLIP, HindSite and LMN. If you’re not ready to sign up for industry specific, then at least for the short-term, take a look at TSheets – they have a 14-day free trial (let me know if you need that moved to 30 days).  I can tell you from first-hand experience that entering time sheets for payroll is very time-consuming (and hence costly).   Be sure to use my invitation code muirassoc if you decide to use it, so you save on your first year!

If you have questions about these products or wish I discussed other mobile products, let me know!  So what are you doing out in the field that you have to wait to enter until you get to the office?  Perhaps there’s a solution for you. Give us a call today 301-696-1303

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