Enterprise Makes Changes

The new QuickBooks has arrived and as typical of the start of a new product year, Intuit has used this time to make some changes.  For those of you using Enterprise, there may be one or more change that will affect you, so be sure to take a look.

  1. Subscription Only

Intuit has done away with their old support plan and moved to subscription only – this will affect many of you. For those of you on older plans, Intuit will automatically move you from your old plan to a new QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Subscription Plan (annual payment only) UNLESS you let them know otherwise. You will NOT be losing any features or benefits.  However, that plan may NOT be your best deal. If you bought through us, chances are we know your renewal date and will be contacting you, but just in case, please contact our office so we can let you know if you’ll be affected, when, and what your options are.  Intuit has multiple plans and often promotions, so there’s a good chance I can find a better plan for you – including ongoing discounted pricing. I have helped many of my clients save money by moving them into the appropriate subscription plan – especially for those who run payroll in-house.

  1. Price Increase for Subscription Plans

Intuit is raising the price of QuickBooks Enterprise 10%. I will admit the increase is not a surprise –  Intuit has not raised their price on the subscription products since they were introduced in the fall of 2014. The increase will happen on your renewal date. If you contact our office, we can let you know when your Enterprise will renew and what your new price will be.

  1. Monthly payment plans increasing in November

In the past, there was no savings for paying annually vs monthly. As a result, many chose monthly since it was easier for cash flow purposes (especially for seasonal businesses) and spread the cost of the software over a year in your financials.   Just as many other subscription products charge more for monthly payment plans and offer a discount for paying annually, Intuit is now doing the same.  Starting in November, the increase for monthly will be 20% (that’s on top of the 10% increase for Enterprise for a total of 30%) – in essence, a finance charge for paying monthly.  Again, this will happen on your renewal date.  So, if you are paying monthly, let’s talk about your options BEFORE the increase.

  1. Mobile Scanning and Improved Sales Order Fulfillment

If inventory is important to you, you may really like this enhancement.  New in 2018, Intuit has beefed up the sales order fulfillment worksheet substantially and added the ability to scan barcodes wirelessly – great for moving inventory and picking for sales orders!  I will be writing more in-depth about this in upcoming weeks!

As usual, contact our office if you have any questions!

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