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This year’s new QuickBooks 2018 features focus on solving for some common pain points and issues.  These first few are for QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise, the latter ones I specify the version(s) of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks 2018Multi-Monitor

If you use multiple monitors, then chances are you’ve experienced working in QuickBooks and a pop-up window is on a different monitor – and sometimes behind other windows.  This new feature puts an end to that. In fact, the new feature is supported up to 3 monitors!  The monitors must be touching each other for this to work

Click on View>Multi-monitor

QuickBooks 2018Search Chart-of-Accounts

Ever have to hunt to find an account in the Chart of Accounts?  Now you can search – finally! Type in the word, part of word or number and QuickBooks will help you find it much faster 


Copy Line/Paste Line Keyboard Shortcuts for Transactions

If you’re a keystroke person like me, then you will like these.  Ctrl-Alt-Y for Copy (perhaps Y for the last letter in Copy) and Ctrl-Alt-V for Paste (Ctrl-V) is the Windows paste keyboard shortcut.

QuickBooks 2018 QuickBooks 2018


Cash/Accrual Toggle on reports

I know some of you have your default report setting on cash (personally I recommend setting it to accrual), but regardless of your setting, chances are you sometimes want to switch “basis”.  In the past, you had to click on Customize Reports to make the change.  Now, you can simply click on a button for to make the change between cash and accrual.

QuickBooks 2018Past Due Stamp on Invoices

If you’re like most businesses, chances are you have a few customers who are “slow pay”.   Up to now,  if you wanted to resend the invoice with a past due notice, you’ve had to manually stamp the invoice. Now you can have it appear on your invoices automatically. You can either turn this feature on at the template level so it appears on all late invoices, or you can click the button on the screen to turn it off or on.

QuickBooks 2018Payroll Liability Reminder

Even been late on a payroll tax payment?  Those penalties and interest can add up!  I remember back when I did bookkeeping trying to keep up with which tax payment was due when – I had a chart that I had to  check frequently.  Over the years Intuit has tried to make this easier, but I love having the reminder show up in red on your home page on Pay Liabilities – gives you 7 days’ notice.

QuickBooks 2018Secure Webmail

If you email invoices using webmail (like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo), Intuit upgraded from the “old” SMTP to the current industry standard Oauth 2.0.  Not exciting but very important!


Edit>Preferences>My Preferences>WebMail –

Check Use Enhanced Security and then log into your Intuit account. 

QuickBooks 2018Enhanced Inventory Reports – (not available in QuickBooks Pro)

In the past, some of the inventory reports have had very few options for customizing.  Now there are 3 inventory reports that let you decide which columns you want to see. Those reports are:

  1. Inventory Valuation Summary
  2. Inventory Stock Status by Item
  3. Assembly Shortage



Merge Multiple Vendors – available in QuickBooks Accountant and Enterprise

A common occurrence is to have the same vendor listed multiple times in your vendor list – for a variety of reasons.  Different users, variations of store names,…  Currently you can merge 2 vendor names into 1.  This new feature lets you merge up to 4 names at one time.

If you’re in the Accountant’s Edition, click on Accountant>Client Data Review>Merge Vendors

If you’re in Enterprise, click on Company>Accounting Tools> Merge Vendors.

  1. Type in the name (keep it short)
  2. Select the 2 to 4 you want to merge
  3. Choose the one you want to keep
  4. Be sure it has all the pertinent information
  5. Click on Merge

Note: Some names can’t be merged

  • Vendors with direct deposits
  • Federal/state tax agencies
  • Vendors with online transactions (does that mean downloads in bank feeds)

QuickBooks 2018

There are 2 more new features, specific to Platinum Enterprise but they’re big enough to warrant a separate article and many of you aren’t in platinum.

Should you upgrade? If these address some of your pain points, then determine how much your current work-around is costing – daily, weekly, annually – and that will help you determine whether or not to upgrade. Personally, I recommend waiting until at least one release patch (update) has come out, or wait until W-2’s and 1099’s are done.  Those of you working in 2015 QuickBooks, will definitely need to upgrade before the end of May if you want to continue downloading bank transactions, running payroll and processing credit card payments, to name a few.   And I’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on any sales!  (I suspect there might be a Cyber Monday sale – Intuit has had those in previous years).

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