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Four Areas Where Spending More Pays Off

It’s generally a good idea to keep overhead costs low so that your business profits will be higher. This is especially true with items that are fairly standardized, such as utilities and rent. But there are times when increasing expenses pays yields nice dividends like investments. Here are four areas to consider so you can reap the rewards Continue reading

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5 Ways To Lower Overhead Costs

Many focus on saving time out in the field – watching hours spent on jobs, looking for ways to improve productivity. But how often do you look at saving time in the office? The profit from your jobs needs to cover your overhead and still leave you with a profit. So it’s a good idea to review what gets done and see if there is a more efficient way to get the work done. Here are 5 ways that can help lower your overhead costs. Continue reading

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Commonly Overlooked Features In QuickBooks Pt 1

As I work with clients, I frequently see that there are features that can be useful but my client was unaware.  So, today’s article takes a look at several features you might find helpful. First, whether or not you have … Continue reading

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Filter To Find What You Want

QuickBooks makes it easy to find information with their Filters. A filter simply limits (filters out what you don’t want) so you see only what you want to see. Both the Find Feature and reports in QuickBooks use Filters. So once you know how to use in one place, you can use it elsewhere. Continue reading

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