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Is Your QuickBooks File “Insured”?

Computers and software are great when they work. But if your computer crashed or your QuickBooks file was corrupted and unusable, do you have a recent backup of your QuickBooks data file? QuickBooks provides two ways (actually, three) to create a copy of your QuickBooks data file. When is each appropriate, and how do you proceed? Continue reading

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Are You Prepared If Disaster Hits Your Business

Between storms and malware, many are learning the importance of backups and access. Hopefully, you’re already making backups of your data on a regular basis. It’s simple to set up data backups automatically and then forget about them until you need them. But have you ever looked around to see if there are any gaps in your backup strategy? Here are seven places to look to make sure all your business data is backed up safely. Continue reading

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Tracking Use Tax

If you have to collect sales tax, then chances are your report form asks you about use tax. Use tax is a sales tax on purchases taxable in your state but for which you were not charged. It’s easier to keep up with tracking as you go along, rather than waiting until the end of the report period, especially if you pay quarterly. So here are the steps to simplify your reporting. Continue reading

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Cash Flow Tools In QuickBooks

Most businesses have peaks and valleys, so business owners find monitoring cash flow is always important. Here are 5 tools in QuickBooks that can help you monitor your cash flow. Continue reading

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