Enterprise Adds More Mobile Capabilities To Sales Order Fulfillment

In addition to the new features mentioned in my article discussing new for all desktop QuickBooks (Pro/Premier & Enterprise), Intuit added a couple for Enterprise customers only with a big push on mobile warehouse (storage) functionality.

For those of you who run payroll in-house and have multiple employees with access to QuickBooks, in many cases it’s important to be able to restrict who can see payroll and who can NOT!  While there are a myriad of ways to restrict permissions, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with some of the more crucial areas like payroll.  QuickBooks now helps in that area.

If a role, area or activity has access to payroll, QuickBooks now has an asterisk * or two (**) to indicate there is unrestricted access to payroll data.  This makes it much easier to review roles and tasks to keep some out of payroll.

Last year Intuit introduced mobile sales order fulfillment to the Advanced Inventory features found in the Platinum Enterprise only.  This year they expanded on those wireless options for warehouse and other storage types by adding packing and shipping to mobile sales order fulfillment.  For those in the office, you remain updated on the status of the sales order all the way from picking to packing and shipping (taking advantage of the QuickBooks Shipping Manager) in real time.

Advanced Inventory is found in the Inventory section of the company preferences. Once you turn it on, the newest features are found in the Site Operations.

The Sales Order worksheet here is different than in Premier or Enterprise silver and gold and the Purchase Order Worksheet is also unique to Platinum Enterprise.

Notice that there are now 3 tabs (dashboard, pick, and pack) on the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet so you can choose which part of the process you’re working on or monitoring.  And also note how you can see the status of the various sales orders

From the Warehouse App on your Android, you can see the picklists assigned to you, fill a specific order and pack (this could also be 2 different people if one picks and someone else packs).

The PO Fulfillment actually slipped into 2018 mid-year with one of the updates for Platinum customers but I doubt few were aware. Afterall, how many of us read all the details of what’s new in an update?!

While many of you may not have warehouses stocked with widgets, perhaps you have yards with plant material, pavers, accessories for yards and homes, or other materials that you inventory, so these might be helpful.  If you’re not currently in 2019, you can always download a trial version to take a closer look at these features from our site.  And when you’re ready to upgrade, let us know so we can be sure you get the best deal on pricing!

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