Insights Into Your Business

There are lots of ways to stay on top of your business when it comes to reports and metrics.  Personally, I have reports and tasks on my toolbar so they’re one click away and I’m frequently in the Company Snapshot because I can easily see so much in one screen.  But I find there are charts and graphs and metrics not in the Snapshot and many are unaware they even exist! So today I’d like to share a few.

First, have you looked at the Insights tab foinsightund next to the Home Page tab?

There are two graphs I like in the Company Insights I don’t get from the Snapshot that I think you might like as well – Business Growth and Net Profit Margin.  You can customize which reports you see on your screen by clicking on the Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.


I know many of you run a Profit & Loss report compared to last year to see how you’re doing.  And while you can pull in dollar and percent change (shown in this report below), you won’t get the business growth and net profit margin comparisons that you get in the Insights.


If you have not customized the Insights Page, then you’ll need to click one of the arrows located on the right and left side of the screen (unfortunately for some like me, in very light grey!) to get to the desired report.

Business Growth – compares this year’s income to last year’s and you can pick your time frame from this drop-down (many of you might like the new, as of 2016, Compared to Last Fiscal Year to Last Month.)  This will show how much better (or not) you’re doing.



Net Profit Margin compares your Net Profit (%) between two time periods.  So while we could get the 14.2% from the P & L report above, we don’t see the net profit for the previous year in that report.


A quick footnote – I know some of you run your reports on a cash basis. Insights works only on the accrual basis

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes seeing your numbers graphically gives you different aha’s into your business. While there are several graphs you view in the Snapshot, you get bigger versions from the report menus.

Income & Expense Graph: found in the Company & Financial Reports).  Notice that you can choose to view by account, customer or Class, and you can choose to get more detail on Income or Expenses.


Below is a Sales Graph – you can view by Item, Customer or Rep

There are also graphs for A/R and A/P. So take a look at some of these graphs and see if you’d like to any of them to ones you view on a regular or periodic basis.  I’d love to hear if you got some aha’s that you hadn’t noticed before!

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