Under-used Power Tips When Exporting from QuickBooks to Excel

I’m sure most of you have clicked on the Export to Excel button when reviewing some of your reports in QuickBooks.  Most times that’s because you want to do something more to that report.  But have you ever taken a look at all your options before exporting?

While the default (and perhaps simplest) might be to click on Create new worksheet (in a new book), you might find there are times you’d like to add this to an existing workbook Excel

Or maybe you have a worksheet with all your formulas and formatting but want to update with new numbers and not want to start from scratch.   Have you tried the update feature? You can update from QuickBooks (as seen above) or from within Excel – what a timesaver!!Excel

However, some of the features I like are in the “Advanced” window.  I wish QuickBooks would use a different word, because I think some of you might think that you’re not “advanced” when it comes to QuickBooks, but there are a variety of helpful features, some of which I’m sure you use. ExcelExcel

If you haven’t liked how QuickBooks exports, perhaps some of these settings will fix what you don’t like. If there are changes you frequently make once you’re in Excel, perhaps these options will save you some time.

So next time, before you export out to Excel, take a closer look at those export options. You never know, you might find a few are huge timesavers for you!

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