Increased Functionality and Efficiency with QuickBooks 2021

Intuit has added new features to QuickBooks 2021 that give you functionality in your QuickBooks as well as increase your efficiency getting tasks done.

QuickBooks Desktop Manager – Ever have to hunt for your license and product information?  The new QuickBooks Desktop Manager (which you can download here) helps you find your license so you can download and install QuickBooks faster. You can search by email or license number. QuickBooks 2021

Save time with Customer Groups – While found in theQuickBooks 2021Payment Reminders section of the Customer menu, you can actually setup groups to automate sending invoices or statements. 

You can select QuickBooks 2021multiple fields, each having their own parameters.QuickBooks 2021

Automate Sending Statements – Another feature of the Payment Reminders.  You can get there from the Payment Reminders found in the Customer menu (shown in the Customer Groups above) or from the bottom of the Create Statements window.QuickBooks 2021

Notice in the Payment Reminders shown below, you can schedule for invoicing or statements. QuickBooks 2021

You can choose when the statement is sent, whether you want to show for a period of time or just open balances as well as other details, as seen belowQuickBooks 2021

Customize Payment Receipts. Finally! You can send a more professional, customized payment receipt to your customers.  Click on List, Templates and down at the bottom you’ll now see the Intuit Payment Reminder. While Intuit won’t let you customize their default, you will be prompted to make a copy which you can then customize. QuickBooks 2021

Quickly find answers to common QuickBooks 2021question with the new QuickBooks Tool Hub.  You can either download here or find the link to download starting with the QuickBooks.  Notice that the QuickBooks Tool Hub is organized making it easier to find resolution to common problems. I’m also hoping that this will always take you to the desktop resolutions (I have personally been frustrated with the QuickBooks Help when you specify desktop only to find QuickBooks Online answers).  I still miss the old knowledgebase site from years ago!QuickBooks 2021

Save time with the new Receipt management tool! You can finally use your phone to take pictures of receipts (hopefully no more lost receipts!) and import them into QuickBooks!  I suspect, however, that this will map to your chart of accounts, but am hoping that mapping to Items will also be an option, which would be a big help for job costing.  I will keep you updated on this new feature, for sure!  I save this new feature for last because while it’s been frequently requested by my clients, it is available only in the subscription products (Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Accountant, and Enterprise).   I can get you discounted pricing the first year on the Plus Products.  You pay full price subsequent years so for those of you who like to buy and own your QuickBooks, you’ll need to decide if this feature is worth paying for an annual subscription (which also includes 24/7 support, online backup, and the new version each year and (looks like)  features exclusive to subscription Pro/Premier). QuickBooks 2021

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