QuickBooks Enterprise Continues to Scale to Meet Customer Needs

Intuit continues to add to and improve their Platinum and Diamond subscription products. For those not familiar with Platinum or Diamond, the Platinum level of Enterprise has all the features of Silver and Gold but adds an emphasis on inventory.  Their Diamond product is the Platinum version with additional products bundled for savings (the Diamond Package); these are TSheets, Assisted Payroll, and SalesForce CRM.  You can have one or more of those bundled products.  Because TSheets and Assisted Payroll bill monthly, Diamond is monthly only.  You can also scale up to 40 users (according to Intuit, although I’m waiting to hear from “in the field” testimonies).  So, here’s the rundown on the new and improved features of Platinum and Diamond Enterprise and see how these can help.

Control User Access with Data Level Permissions.  To date, permissions have been more by role or area of QuickBooks.  Now you can limit user access to specific groups of customers, vendors, specific data, transactions and reports for which they are responsible.  (Personally, I think this should be available for all Enterprise customers). Enterprise 2021

 You then can choose one of your customer or vendor groups (discussed in this article).

Notice that if someone tries to access a customer or vendor who does not have permission for this group, they will receive an error statement.  One shortcoming (as of this first release that I expect will be fixed in the future) is that a user can still create a transaction for a customer or vendor simply by typing the name.Enterprise 2021

 Print Barcode Labels with Sales Price is another new feature of barcoding in Advanced Inventory.  Before, you could print the barcode and Item name but no price.  With 2021, you can add sales price.  Click on File>Edit>Print Forms>Labels >Item Barcodes then select the Items you want. Enterprise 2021

More Options for Recording Landed Costs accounts – For those who allocate freight, shipping, and other costs with your inventory, you can now choose to post to Cost of Goods Sold instead of Other Current Assets if you want.  Click on Edit>Preferences> Company Preferences tab> Items & Inventory>Advanced Inventory Settings>Landed Cost Tab.Enterprise 2021

Alternate Vendor Reports – You can add Alternate Vendor as a column in the Inventory Stock Status and Inventory Valuation reports. To customize the report, click on the display tab and add Alternate Vendor.  (FYI – you can drag that column on the report if you want the columns in a different order – the default is the far right-hand column.)

Enterprise 2021

Batch Delete Sales Orders – This is available in the Accountant’s version only of Enterprise and Premier starting with the R7 release of the 2020 Accountant versions.  You can delete only Sales Orders that are NOT linked to an invoice.  When you click on a Sales Order, QuickBooks will show the connected invoice (bottom left) if there is one.  Should you try to delete a Sales Order that is linked to an invoice, QuickBooks will give you an error message.Enterprise 2021

Since Enterprise is subscription only, you will get the 2021 version of your product sent to your Intuit account.  Having beta tested several years ago, I learned that the initial release always has some bugs which are usually resolved by November/December timeframe. My personal recommendation is that unless you really need these new or improved features, is to wait until you’re done with 1099’s and W-2’s.

Would love to hear which of these new features you find most useful!

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