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Year-End Review and Planning

While you still have 2 more months to generate income (and expenses), you probably have a somewhat good idea of your year-end numbers. As you look back over your year, take the time to list what worked – and what didn’t. Here are a few recommendations to help you review 2017 so you can plan for 2018 Continue reading

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Determining Your Most Profitable Sales

It’s time to review your sales to see where you were most profitable in 2018 and see what changes, if any, you’ll make for 2019. When looking at profitability, there are a few different factors you can review using QuickBooks. So here are 5 areas to consider. Continue reading

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What’s In Your Top 20?

You’re probably familiar with the Pareto Principle, which states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your work. Have you ever stopped to look at the Top 20 in your business? You can identify the top 20% of your customers, types of customers, products/services, sales reps, expenses, etc. in QuickBooks. While it won’t always be an 80/20, you can still see what floats to the top and bottom. Take a look! Continue reading

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Using QuickBooks to Find Your Niche

Did you know that QuickBooks can help you refine your niche? You’ll be surprised at just how much. Here are some ideas to get you started. Continue reading

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Are There Riches In Niches

In the beginning, we all take whatever business we can get. But after a while, you can start to identify who you like working with, the types of work you do, where you’re more profitable, your ideal customer, ideal division, ideal service… Many worry that if they niche, they will lose out on business because they won’t reach as many people. But actually it’s often just the opposite. When you take the time to niche, you’ll find that it simplifies your business and increases your profitability. Here’s why: Continue reading

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Enterprise Adds More Mobile Capabilities To Sales Order Fulfillment

Intuit added a couple new for Enterprise 2019 customers only with a big push on mobile warehouse (storage) functionality. See which features will be useful for you. Continue reading

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Increase Efficiency, Accuracy and Cash Flow with QuickBooks 2019

This year, Intuit worked on improving some existing features in QuickBooks as well as adding some new features.   They focused on increasing efficiency in getting work done, added tools to help ensure accuracy of the accounting data as well as … Continue reading

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QuickBooks Desktop vs. QuickBooks Online

If you’re in a desktop version of QuickBooks (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) you may be wondering if it’s time to move to QuickBooks Online (QBO) so you have remote access and because some 3rd party products are saying Desktop QuickBooks (QBDT) is going away or work only with QBO. With the new products rolling out soon, I thought this would be good to discuss pros/cons – and my opinion ;-) Continue reading

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Protecting Your Business From Fraud

How safe is your business from fraud? While many worry about someone hacking into their systems, you’re more likely to experience embezzlement by a trusted employee. About 28% of small businesses have this unfortunate experience. So here are some checks and balances you can put into place both in procedures and in QuickBooks to limit opportunity for theft or discourage most employees from even trying. Continue reading

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Have You Been Hacked? How to Minimize Your Risk

Just about every day, we read in the news that another company has been hacked – including the big companies, like Home Depot and others. Perhaps you might have had your own social media account, email, website, network, or computer hacked. I know some who were victims of a ransomware virus. Worse, many of you have been hacked but don’t even know it. So how can you minimize the damage and risk of hackers? Here are several tips, some familiar, some not so familiar. Continue reading

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