Examining Expenses From Different Perspectives In Quickbooks

It’s nearing the time of year when you start to review your numbers and plan
for next year. While your actual numbers differ from year to year, looking at percent of income
or expense or comparing which department or division did better (or worse) can be a good first
start. Percentages can help you budget for next year. Here are some examples in QuickBooks
to get the wheels turning.

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Four Areas Where Spending More Pays Off


It’s generally a good idea to keep overhead costs low so that your business profits will be higher. This is especially true with items that are fairly standardized, such as utilities and rent. But there are times when increasing expenses pays yields nice dividends like investments. Here are four areas to consider so you can reap the rewards

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Are there Riches in Niches?

In the beginning, we all take whatever business we can get. But after a while, you can start to identify who you like working with, the types of work you do, where you’re more profitable, your ideal customer, ideal division, ideal service… Many worry that if they niche, they will lose out on business because they won’t reach as many people. But actually it’s often just the opposite. When you take the time to niche, you’ll find that it simplifies your business and increases your profitability. Here’s why:

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5 Ways to Lower Overhead Costs

overhead costs

Many focus on saving time out in the field – watching hours spent on jobs, looking for ways to improve productivity. But how often do you look at saving time in the office? The profit from your jobs needs to cover your overhead and still leave you with a profit. So it’s a good idea to review what gets done and see if there is a more efficient way to get the work done. Here are 5 ways that can help lower your overhead costs.

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Have You Been Hacked? How to Minimize Your Risk

Just about every day, we read in the news that another company has been hacked – including the big companies, like Home Depot and others. Perhaps you might have had your own social media account, email, website, network, or computer hacked. I know some who were victims of a ransomware virus. Worse, many of you have been hacked but don’t even know it. So how can you minimize the damage and risk of hackers? Here are several tips, some familiar, some not so familiar.

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Protecting Your Business from Fraud

How safe is your business from fraud? While many worry about someone hacking into their systems, you’re more likely to experience embezzlement by a trusted employee. About 28% of small businesses have this unfortunate experience. So here are some checks and balances you can put into place both in procedures and in QuickBooks to limit opportunity for theft or discourage most employees from even trying.

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