Protecting Your Business from Fraud

How safe is your business from fraud? While many worry about someone hacking into their systems, you’re more likely to experience embezzlement by a trusted employee. About 28% of small businesses have this unfortunate experience. So here are some checks and balances you can put into place both in procedures and in QuickBooks to limit opportunity for theft or discourage most employees from even trying.

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Working with Customer Deposits (Or Prepayments)


Do you take payment up front from customers when starting a job? Whether you’re in the construction industry, landscaping, trades or some other type of business, deposits up front help cash flow and enable you to pay employees and purchase materials for the job. While there are different ways to handle this scenario, not all of them are correct from an accounting perspective. The results can be misleading information or confusion for the bookkeeper or customer. Here’s the method I recommend for handling prepayments in QuickBooks.

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New and Improved Intuit Payroll Products

Have you looked at your payroll options recently? Although changing your payroll option can be a pain to change, it is worth evaluating from time to time to make sure you’re getting the payroll option best suited to your business needs. And since Intuit recently released some new offerings late 2019, this might be the perfect time to start evaluating!

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