Save Time and Monitor Cash Flow Better with Accounts Payable

If you are already using the Accounts Payable feature in QuickBooks, good for you! However, I find many don’t use this feature thinking it will take too much time. So instead, the bills are either entered in a spreadsheet or in some sort of tickler file. For those of you in that second group, please keep reading. I’ll show you how using the Accounts Payable feature will help you not only make it much easier to keep up with who you owe how much (definitely important for cash flow – perhaps even more so during the pandemic crisis) but also make bill paying much simpler and faster.

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Working with Customer Deposits (Or Prepayments)


Do you take payment up front from customers when starting a job? Whether you’re in the construction industry, landscaping, trades or some other type of business, deposits up front help cash flow and enable you to pay employees and purchase materials for the job. While there are different ways to handle this scenario, not all of them are correct from an accounting perspective. The results can be misleading information or confusion for the bookkeeper or customer. Here’s the method I recommend for handling prepayments in QuickBooks.

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Muir & Associates Announces Partnership with LMN

With LMN, you’ve created your estimate, tracked time and perhaps even invoiced. Take advantage of LMN’s integration with QuickBooks and save time by syncing your data over to QuickBooks. With your job costs and payroll in QuickBooks, it becomes easier to monitor job costs along the way, evaluate profitability once the job is done, and streamline your invoicing/billing. Join us to see why QuickBooks and LMN are better together, from job costing to reporting and more.

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A Few of My Favorite Features in QuickBooks


There are many features I like in QuickBooks, guess that’s why I support the software! But I find when I’m with new clients who have been using QuickBooks for a while or clients who are upgrading, I always like to share a few of the features I like either as a business owner or from a timesaving bookkeeping perspective. So here’s my list:

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