Which QuickBooks is right for you?

I've had clients frustrated because their version was not a good fit for their needs - they had just picked a QuickBooks product based on a friend's recommendation, what they saw in the store or 1 feature. Before buying QuickBooks or getting caught up in pricing or what others say to use, go through these 2 steps - you'll be much happier with the results.

1. Determine what you need QuickBooks to do and what you would like it to do (your wish list). Here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning:

  • Number of users (sometimes you can have more users if you have tighter security controls in the software and that might allocate workflow differently)
  • Size of your lists (including inactive) and how fast are they growing?
    • Customers (including all jobs)
    • Vendors
    • Items (product/services)
  • Job Costing - what all do you need to track and how do you monitor?
    • Labor
    • Materials
    • Equipment
    • Committed Costs
    • Cost to Complete report based on costs to date
  • Estimating - Do you give your customers ‚ÄčQuickbooks Enterpriseestimates, would you like to see an Estimate vs Actual report
  • Work or Sales Orders - Do you want/need to use Work Order or Sales Orders?
  • Inventory -
    • Do you need to track inventory?
    • Is your inventory in multiple locations (warehouses, vehicles, bins)?
    • Need to track lot or serial numbers?
    • How do you determine which orders you can fill and when?
    • Do you create assemblies or kits?
  • Sales reports - What sales information would you like to track?
    • Source of lead, cost of lead
    • Type of customer, demographics
    • Sales Reps
    • Types of jobs/projects
  • Forecasting - How do you forecast your cash flow or predict future income and expenses?
  • Integration with other software - Is there software that integrates can greatly streamline workflow and address pain points?
    • Scheduling, service agreements, time and expense tracking, e-commerce, CRM, commission...
  • What other information do you need/want to track?

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Check out the Feature Comparison Chart.

2. To decide on the version of QuickBooks that best suits your needs,

a. Check out the features on the Feature Comparison Chart

b. You can also see these features in action with these videos

c. If mobile access is important, there are actually several options - take a look.

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