Save Money and Protect Your Business
with Intuit’s Secure Checks

Protect your business AND receive discounted pricing!

Did you know that

  • One in 4 small businesses experience fraud of some type
  • The median loss from fraud is $150,000 and
  • As a result of fraud, 30% of businesses fail.
  • Nearly 4 in 5 fraud attempts are from check fraud.
  • Receive a 35% discount when you order Intuit Secure Checks and other check supplies from us



Want to know more about Intuit secure checks? See below to explore the different levels of Intuit secure checks and download the price list. Ready to order? Contact us via phone, email or fax so we can get your check supplies

Save Time and Money with QuickBooks Payments

With QuickBooks Payments, your customers can pay you by check or credit card, online, by phone or by mail.  Not only can you get paid faster, but your money can be deposited faster.

  • Not only can you send invoices to your customers directly through QuickBooks but your customers can pay you directly through the online invoice as well!
    • Saves Time, Saves Money and Makes the Process Easier for YOU & YOUR CLIENTS!
    • Click below for an awesome video that walks you through how to create & email invoices directly in QuickBooks.

Video how to create and email invoices

Check Payments

With checks, your customers can pay you online by ACH or you can use the E-Check feature so they can pay by phone or E-Check.  Check payments are in your account within 1-4 days (mine are usually in my account the next business day)! No more running to the bank – that’s both a time and money saver!

Check processing is a flat rate and there’s even a payment plan with NO monthly fee!

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Credit Card Payments

Accepting Credit Cards can help your business. Here’s how:

  • You can make more money – Consumers spend twice more when using a credit card versus cash/check.  (Wouldn’t you love to have your customers spend more with you!) (2013 Strawhacker Group)
  • Get Paid Faster –  74% of small business owners say accepting credit cards helps them avoid non-payment/bad debt – that sure helps your bottom line!  (2011 Intuit Small Business Survey)
  • Better Cash Flow  – 45% of 1000 small business owners cited “not getting paid on time” as the biggest challenge they faced when managing cash f
    low. (Bank of America, Wall Street Journal, Feb. 2013 quote)

Intuit QuickBooks Payment Services offers several ways to get paid quickly, wherever you are – by smart device (phone or tablet), web, within your QuickBooks, or terminal.  All it takes is an internet connection and an account.  AND, the integration with your QuickBooks makes this definitely worth the time to check out.

See how easy it is to process Credit Cards with QuickBooks. Click below!

Video GoPayments
GoPymt vs Square

Intuit QuickBooks Payments Services helps you save time and money:

  • Save time: 78% of QuickBooks merchant service users saved an average of 6.9 bookkeeping hours per month – that’s about 82 hours per year or 2 work weeks!  Customers can pay you online when you provide the link or you can enter in your QuickBooks and the payment will process when you save the transaction. (Based on an 8 hour work day.  2012 QuickBooks Payments Study)
  • Reduce errors: 75% of QuickBooks merchant service users say automatic integration and reconciliation of payments in QuickBooks reduced errors caused by manual double entry of transactions. (That also saves you money when you don’t have to correct those mistakes.)  Payments are automatically batched together.

Pick the plan that works best for you, starting with a $0 monthly option.  We have staff dedicated to helping our customers get the best deal possible with Intuit.  Ready to start saving time and money? Click below to expedite the process for today.

QuickBooks Payments

To order, download the application, then contact us phone, email or fax so we can get your Payments supplies right away!