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“I love the Assisted Payroll through QB. It’s one less thing to worry about as far as quarterly tax returns, weekly tax deposits & W-2’s.”
Terry Toms
Alban Inspections, Inc.

“We use the assisted payroll, wherein I key in the time for project codes, then ‘send’ the payroll to Intuit. It has been phenomenal. With the Intuit Assisted Payroll, I get all detail, by each human, allocated to each job, by the hour. So, I can report to the government the actual costs per employee per hour on any specific project. And I have NEVER had any issues with any tax payments, reporting, or other. And all I have to do is key in the time for each employee with their project codes. Yep, if you can’t tell, I’m a loyal fan.”
Cynthia Stull
CEO, Trident Alliance Corporation

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