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Keep more of what you make and Increase your cash balance with these Self Study courses.  Learn more here

Bill and PayBillandPay

Looking for an easier way to speed up invoicing, payments, and collections?  Bill and Pay is a robust add-on that offers many features not available in QuickBooks that can simplify your invoicing and collections processes.

Here are a few  key features you will find enticing:

  • Customers can pay from a statement (especially useful if you send a statement out instead of multiple invoices)Customers can pay you by ACH, credit card or PayPal – even from your website!
  • Works with any merchant account
  • Auto-pay invoices – even if the payment varies
  • Reminder emails for almost due and past due are AUTOMATICLLY sent out to your customers (huge timesaver for many of you!)
  • Automatic credit card expiration notification emails
  • Auto sync with QuickBooks – you don’t even need QuickBooks open for the invoice(s) to be marked as paid and payments ready for deposit
  • View a report showing emails sent
  • Knowledgeable USA customer support team
  • And much more!Bill and Pay Postcard PDF Button

To sign up, here’s all you do:

  1. Go to this
  2. Click on Get Started, Free 30 day trial.
  3. Be sure to type in MuirAssoc for the invitation code – so Bill and Pay will waive the setup fee
  4. Bill and Pay will walk you through the setup.


Clients love the product:

It’s fantastic! Thanks again for the recommendation!


Spectrum Pool Care

logo-tagline-extend-FF6600-@2xSales Tax Simplified

Sales tax can get complicated in a hurry – different laws apply in different states, counties, municipalities…. Avalara is the #1 Recommended product to simplify sales tax, hands down according to all my peers.


Here are just a few of their benefits:

  • Avalara keeps up with all the different tax rates for all types of products in all the different tax jurisdictions in the US, so you don’t have to!
  • Applies the correct sales tax on your invoicing (what a relief!)
  • Assist w/the initial paperwork in all the jurisdictions where you need to file
  • Files the sales tax returns for you!
  • Great integration with QuickBooks

Bottom line (and most important): Avalara saves you time and prevents tax penalties! Click here for more info!

Payroll for Employees with No Bank Account – NetSpend

logoPaycheck goes on prepaid visa card

  • Employer Benefits:
    • Save money –no need to buy, print, mail paychecks
    • Save time with less paperwork
    • Reduce risk of check fraud
  • Employee Benefits:
    • Convenient
      • Use at any U.S. MoneyPass ATM machine
      • Pay bills and make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards accepted
      • Easy to check card balance
    • No fees
      • No check cashing fees
      • No fee at US MoneyPass ATM machines
    • Alerts
      • Text or email alert to track spending and balance
  • Special deal through Muir & Associates and Intuit


TSheets– An easy time tracking product for employees of all levels that syncs easily with QuickBooks. It fills in the timesheets with task & customer! Good for a wide range of service industries including those who need job costing, like contractors, landscapers, IT, and even government contractors who need DCAA compliance. Access TSheets from your desktop or laptop computer, cell phone or smartphone app, dial in or text, email or use the mobile web. Be sure to click on our link so you receive our client discount!

Questions? Contact Dan Buckingham at TSheets.
Direct Phone: 208-277-9403

t sheets banner

Rlogo-method-crm-darkblue-blue-crmemote Access and CRM with Method:CRM

Mobile access
– While you can’t do everything in Method you can do in QuickBooks (like payroll and banking), you can do almost everything (like estimates, invoices, purchase orders, bills, etc.)  else PLUS much more.  In fact, sometimes you can have staff work in Method and not QuickBooks, which would affect the number of licenses you need.Method, a highly-rated web-based app, is often a product I recommend for those who want remote access  to QuickBooks and/or CRM (for tracking leads) – here are few reasons why:

As a result, you save time because you enter data only once

Method is highly customizable so you can create data entry forms in a way that works for you – including adding fields and calculations you can’t do in QuickBooks.

Method :CRM is great for  tracking leads and opportunities. You can even schedule and assign activities to staff.

You can create an estimate for a lead in Method (has to be a customer if you do it in QuickBooks).

Real-time sync with QuickBooks. Once a lead accepts an estimate or agrees to work with you, with a click of a button, that lead will convert to a customer AND appear in the customer center of your QuickBooks!

You can restrict access in Method in ways you can’t in QuickBooks – such as restricting which customers a sales rep sees.

So with Method:CRM, you can greatly improve company efficiency

Want to know more?  Here’s a link for a free 30-day trial as well as an hour of setup and consulting time with a Method staff member.

FundBoxFunbdbox Cash Flow

GET PAID NOW Fundbox is the fastest and easiest way to get paid instantly for your outstanding invoices. Known as the Net 30 Killer, there’s no more waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days for invoices to be paid. Sign up for a free account and have funds deposited in as soon as 1 day! You can then use the money to make payroll, buy supplies or invest in your business. Payback is simple! 12 weeks to pay back the full amount and money is automatically debited from your account. Fundbox has helped all kinds of businesses from contractors to landscapers to IT service professionals.  Check out the video here or Download the PDF brochure for some more info.