Need a Speaker for Your Landscaping or Construction Conference?

Monica is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public seminars and events, and industry-specific trainings. Call (301) 696-1303 or email us at to inquire further.

An Experienced Speaker

Monica is a gifted teacher and has the ability to share complex information in a simple-to-get message.

“I’m still getting good reports on your presentation at our trade Show in Myrtle Beach, but I also hear IT WASN”T LONG ENOUGH – get her back!”

Donna Foster
Executive Director
South Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association

Monica Speaking PicAs a consultant , she’ll help you navigate through the myriad of options in software, services and setup. As a business owner, she is able to help owners get the most out of QuickBooks so they can make better decisions – and faster. And as someone who has done the data entry in QuickBooks, she can not only tell you how to do it (correctly!), but how to get your work done faster! And all in a friendly, professional manner. Participants walk away with ideas they can put into place.


I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. You taught the class in an easy to learn way that I felt confident I would be able to run Quickbooks more easily and thoroughly when on my own! I am so glad signed up for the class. Thanks again!

Joanne Mann
Office Manager
Ed Mann Landscaping

Speaking Topics

5 Keys to Using Your QuickBooks to Help You Run Your Business Better

The 5 steps that will help you increase your profitability with QuickBooks – from setup to reviewing your results and streamlining your workflow.  Avoid the common mistakes so many users make.

5 Steps to Increasing Your Profitability with QuickBooks

Learn the 5 steps that will help you increase your profitability with QuickBooks – from setup, to reviewing your results and streamlining your workflow. Avoid the common mistakes so many users make.

Powerful Timesaving Tools and Strategies for QuickBooks Users

Many QuickBooks users are unaware of features in QuickBooks that can help them get their work done much faster. From data entry to reporting, you’ll walk away with lots of suggestions that can shave off time so you can either get other work done – or go home sooner!

4 Steps to Job Cost Better in QuickBooks

Many owners complain that their job costing process isn’t working well. Many users think they are job costing in QuickBooks, but in fact, are missing key steps. You will learn common crucial job cost mistakes, essential tips for setup, power tips that streamline estimating and invoicing, tracking job expenses and labor costs, and suggestions for better reporting.

Keys to Using QuickBooks for Profits, Niches and Marketing

Discover ways to use features in QuickBooks you never thought about, or understood, that can help you market smarter and work smarter. You will learn:

Aspects to setup that not only help you track profitability better, but help you track key metrics so you can market more effectively

Reporting that will help you analyze your profitability and key metrics so you can make wiser decisions

QuickBooks Tools and Strategies for Better Cash Flow

Many QuickBooks users are unaware of the tools available to help them monitor and even improve cash flow. You’ll walk away with knowing not only what reports to run, but additional information you can extract from those reports so you have a better handle on your business. You’ll also learn some strategies to put into place that can help you improve your cash flow.

Monica has spoken at the following conferences:

CLIP Conference

Green Industry Conference

John Deere Landscapes Women in the Green Industry

CENTS (Central Environmental Nursery Trade Show) hosted by the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association

MAHSC (Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course) sponsored by the Virginia Horticulture Foundation

John Deere Landscapes Tidewater Academy

John Deere Landscapes University

North Carolina’s Green & Growin’

South Carolina’s Annual Conference & Trade Show

Monica Mitchell Muir, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, is available for conference, workshop, and training sessions. We can also customize a topic to fit your group. Give us a call, and let us know what your needs are. Please call (301) 696-1303 or email us at to inquire further.