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Is Your Business Using the QuickBooks Best for You??

Have you ever tried on a shirt or jeans and found they didn’t fit at all? They looked great on the hanger, but that was the end of it. QuickBooks come in various sizes, shapes, and colors just like clothing; and just like clothing, some versions of QuickBooks fit your business better than others. You may not be aware that your version of QuickBooks does not fit your business, but there are signs that will give it away. Continue reading

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Is Your Business Missing an Accounting Skillset?

In a small business, the owner ends up wearing many hats to get the product or service delivered, the customers served, and the accounts settled. Within each functional area of a small business, there are even more hats. Although the accounting function might be considered one big hat, there are actually a number of skills that make up “the accounting department” in a small business. Here’s a list to help you understand how it all works together. As you read through it ask yourself how you are covering these functions in your workplace. Continue reading

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2 New Videos for You

Greetings! It’s another sunny day in Frederick as I sit to write this newsletter :-) There still are a few trees with most of their leaves, but most of the trees are getting pretty bare (sigh). And, as promised, I … Continue reading

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Are You Guilty of These Job Costing Mistakes in QuickBooks?

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a client who needed to job or project cost, who wasn’t guilty of making some job cost mistakes. And in this challenging economy, that can be costly. So what are the mistakes I see them making? Continue reading

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Learn the Keys to Good Job Costing in QuickBooks so You Can Increase Your Profitability

Are your job costing methods hurting your profitability? Are you overlooking some of your indirect costs or worse yet, are some direct costs falling through the cracks? Is it taking longer than it should to enter job cost data and get good reliable reports? The cost of doing job costing wrong or taking too long is more expensive than you realize. Continue reading

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Bill and Pay

I’m all about streamlining the workflow when it comes to QuickBooks – it minimizes data entry errors and saves time and money. I’ve started using a new service for invoicing and receiving payments – Bill and Pay. I had been using Intuit’s Billing Solutions, which I still like, but clients have to pay by credit card. Intuit did add a new service, the Intuit Payment Network, so clients can pay by check, but it wasn’t so simple to setup (since I already had Billing Solutions) and not as easy to explain to clients since it was two different services. However, still do-able. After hearing about Bill and Pay, though, I realized Bill and Pay offered features that Intuit’s services did not and I could still use the Intuit Merchant Services, so I switched. So here are a few reasons why. Continue reading

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Make Changes to Items Faster in POS

QuickBooks came out with their Add/Edit Multiple List Entries in 2010, but POS has had a List Edit for Items for many years. It’s a favorite feature of mine when clients are either first setting up their inventory or have a lot of changes to make to their inventory. The beauty of this feature is that you can go right down the line to edit without having to double-click on each individual item, select your tab and then enter. An edit I find many of my clients frequently make is entering the barcode/UPC. As you can imagine, this can save quite a bit of time! Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Bank Reconciliations

It’s great when you balance the checkbook or credit card account and everything works smoothly. I hope that’s your experience at least most of the time. However, there are times when the initial attempt to reconcile doesn’t work out. So, where do you start? Continue reading

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Is Your QuickBooks Data File Getting Corrupted?

When you have problems with your QuickBooks data file, it can be upsetting and time consuming to fix. Yet, there are some good practices and warning signals, so you can hopefully prevent a corrupted file. Get familiar with the Product Information Window (press F2 or Ctrl-1). You’ll need that for some of the items listed below: Continue reading

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Reports with Different Perspectives

I mentioned in a December blog (https://muirassoc.com/blog/2010/12/16/finishing-strong) that looking at financial reports compared to last year might let you see if you are better off than last year or not. There are a few more ways you can look at these reports that might give you more insight into your business. Continue reading

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