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A Penny Saved Isn’t Always a Penny Earned

Is Your Bookkeeper Wasting Your Money? With good intentions and a desire to save money for their companies, bookkeepers often miss simple ways to save money. Many business owners think of the bookkeepers as a guardian of their funds. But what I frequently see is one of two problems. Continue reading

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QuickBooks’ Frustrations

Most of my clients come my way because they’ve experienced some type of confusion or frustration with QuickBooks. Recently, I’ve spent some time helping a client move from Online QuickBooks to Desktop QuickBooks. Although both are QuickBooks products, there are many differences. Just ask anyone who’s seen both! Personally, I much prefer the desktop version because it has so many more features, some to help me troubleshoot, which I frequently need to do frequently with my clients. Continue reading

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Time for a Change…

If you write your own blog, then you are used to dealing with “What do I write about today or this week?” If you don’t, then you may not realize that sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with a topic. Now I’ll be the first to admit that there are a ton of features and issues and questions that come with QuickBooks. And for whatever reason, my mind will go blank when it’s time to write. I usually look at what issues my clients have had in the past week or two to give me some ideas for topics. Sometimes the issue is trying to condense the topic so fits into one blog or else expand upon it so I can write multiple blogs from it, sometimes it’s just easier to show than to write about it and sometimes it’s just that I much prefer talking & showing to writing (I’ll have to work on some videos)! But I’m going to try something different. Continue reading

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Understanding QuickBooks Items

I started using QuickBooks back in 1996, thinking it was just another piece of software I could easily learn. Boy, did I underestimate QuickBooks! But, many years and certifications later, I’ve learned sooo much yet still find myself learning since there are new features every year and different businesses have different needs. One feature in QuickBooks that took me a few years to really understand, was Items. Continue reading

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