Clients say…

Here are just a few comments from our clients about our work. We hope these will allow you to get to know us better.

Expert Advice and Very Responsive 

You were Instrumental in helping us choose the right version of QB.
A few years ago you helped us determine if what we were trying to do in our software could be accomplished by QB. There have been several items I have reached out to you on over the years that you were very helpful in answering or pointing us in the right direction. I think that has been great…. Not just a “I don’t have time for you” — but you actually took the time to respond and help out. A bit unusual these days! Thank you!!! Thanks!

Mike Kukol, President
Horizon Landscape

Strategic in Moving My Business Forward

“Monica has been a partner for my business as we continue to strive for more efficient methods and processes from QB. I’m more confident making strategic financial decisions utilizing the QB platform knowing I have Monica in my corner to bounce ideas off of. She provides sound business advice and has an excellent knowledge of QB. Her support has been instrumental in moving our business forward and I plan to continue this partnership for years to come”

Cheri Ross, Controller
The LaurelRock Company

Saved My Business Time and Money  

“I began working with Monica in June 2014 and thus began my QuickBooks training.   Monica really helped me with job costing techniques such as setting up estimates, posting employee’s times against jobs (estimates), entering material costs against jobs and getting an overall look at how we are doing with jobs on an individual basis.   Monica also helped with our tracking our employee’s times more precise by using the time sheets on QuickBooks.      This has really improved our payroll day each week as it has saved a lot of time.

An Excellent Quickbooks Trainer 

Monica is a very good trainer with the QuickBooks system.    She truly knows so much about it, especially for a small business like ours.   The training taught me so much about QuickBooks and also gave me a new friend and co-worker in Monica.   I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to get started or enhance their QuickBooks system to work better for their business. Thank you.”

Carol Hudson
J. Holtz & Son, Inc.

Gave Me Confidence in Quickbooks

I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. You taught the class in an easy to learn way that I felt confident I would be able to run Quickbooks more easily and thoroughly when on my own! I am so glad signed up for the class. Thanks again!

Joanne Mann
Ed Mann Landscaping

An Excellent Quickbooks Educator 

“I’m still getting good reports on your presentation at our trade Show in Myrtle Beach, but I also hear IT WASN”T LONG ENOUGH – get her back!”

Donna Foster
Executive Director
South Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association

I saved $5K in job costs!

“… 15 minutes later I had a better solution …. In that one incident, I could have saved almost $5K in labor costs and been working on something else entirely, MAKING money….”

Cynthia Stull
CEO, Trident Alliance Corporation

Invaluable Information on Job Costing

“I just finished watching your Job Costing videos that I purchased a couple of weeks ago and I want to complement you. You are a fantastic teacher and you did a wonderful job with this topic. I learned a lot from these sessions.”
Michael Alley
QuickBooks Consulting-Bookkeeping-Taxes-Project Management

Detailed, Insightful Answers

“You always give such great insightful answers. I really do appreciate your detail attention to the questions we have.”
Paul Baik,
Paul’s Beauty Co.

“I love the Assisted Payroll through QB. It’s one less thing to worry about as far as quarterly tax returns, weekly tax deposits & W-2’s.”
Terry Toms,
Alban Inspections, Inc.

Invaluable, Saved Our Business Time and Money 

“I can’t overstate the value that of knowledgeable insight that Monica has shed to our business. She is very thorough with answering questions and researching the best possible solution for the case in hand. Her effective tips and suggestions have made the accounting more efficient and productive. This has allowed us to be more diligent with our time to allow proficient billing.”
Mary B. Ball, Office Administrator
JB Interiors, Inc.

“It is so comforting to know that you are always a phone call away if I need your help. You have always been so responsive whenever I have called or emailed you with any issues that I have had and thanks to you my issues have been few and far between. Your patience with me as I learned the ins and outs of Quickbooks have been extremely helpful.”
Jeana Paratore, Office Manager

“I am unabashedly grateful for the fantastic support Monica Muir provides. In 2009, as a new entrepreneur with aspirations of winning a federal government contract and no accounting background (much less Quick Books experience), I approached her for assistance. She was a godsend, walking me through everything from basic accounting principles to creating estimates, producing invoices, and generating reports. Her clear and thorough tutorials, notwithstanding, I always had and continue to have questions. Her responses are timely, concise, and on topic, saving me countless hours of research and possible future accounting problems. Having just won a much coveted multi-year contract with a federal agency, I must say that my success is attributable in no small part to my relationship with Muir & Associates.”
Jeannette, TREC Assessors

“As a new user to QuickBooks I was looking for someone that would help me navigate through the fjords of construction software peril. Monica provided exactly what I needed to get our company up and running during our Corporate conversion to QuickBooks from another Contractor Accounting Package. During the conversion, Monica provided as little or as much professional guidance necessary to make our transition a smooth and pain-free experience.

Thanks for being the perfect guiding light in the ocean called QuickBooks!”

Mary Colish
PennMarVa, Inc.

“I could not have implemented the system as smoothly as I did without your help. You save me time in answering the emails I send with questions. I guess I am still a little more of a “book” person – to enter questions into a computer “help” program….sometimes I use the right verbiage to get the answer I am looking for, other times it’s nearly impossible to get to the right answer. Being able to ask you gets me the right answer right away!”

“As for what I like best about Enterprise, flexibility is the one word answer – but that expands into flexibility in having more than one month open at a time and flexibility of reports in providing many ways of viewing financial information. I like (and don’t like!) the ease of being able to make changes. For the most part, it is wonderful to be able to make changes as easily as we can – we have utilized the “boundaries” in the system to monitor the changes, which helps to take the “don’t like” piece out of the equation! Overall, since the program is quite simple to master, it has made for a much more pleasant method of producing financial information.”
Denise Kleinsorg, Accounting Manager
Shelter Systems Limited

“Monica has been great to us since 2009 when she started doing some consulting & training for Engage. Since Monica reduced the file fragments, my coworkers who also work in the QuickBooks and myself have noticed a change on how quickly we are able to switch from one QuickBooks file to another. There have been no error notices when we tried to open a QuickBooks file. Our productivity has increased since we do not have to wait anymore for periods of time to open a file. She is vey patient and make you feel very comfortable around her. Anytime I have a question, I usually send her an e-mail and she responds promptly with very precise explanations. She is always available when she is needed. I love her!!!”
Rosie Johnston, Director of Finance

“Just wanted to let you know how invaluable your services have been to me while I was trying to learn the QuickBooks system. I appreciate the fact that you were readily available in my times of need. Your help in understanding the reports available on QuickBooks saved me many hours of frustration in trying to learn it myself.”
Terry Toms, Alban Inspections, Inc.

“Thanks for your efforts and always being avail when I need you -that means a lot.”
Donnie Whitmeyer,

Invaluable training
“We have reorganized some of our work flow and job responsibilities to be more efficient on a weekly and monthly basis.”
Amy Wertz
Franklin County Library System

“Muir and Associates has really been an asset to Franklin County Library System.  Your expertise helped me get up to speed quickly as a new business manager and QuickBooks user.  Your availability to come meet with us in person and work with us over the phone has provided invaluable, organization specific training for me and other staff members.  We have reorganized some of our work flow and job responsibilities to be more efficient on a weekly and monthly basis.  In addition, your help with the purchase and installation of a QuickBooks upgrade and having multiple users went more smoothly than it ever has before.”

Superior business and technical skills
“I have been in accounting and bookkeeping for over 35 years and Monica is the best QuickBooks Pro Advisor that I have had the pleasure to work with.”
Carole Wilmoth
CLW Bookkeeping Services

“I have called Monica Mitchell Muir many times in the past two years for answers. I have been in accounting and bookkeeping for over 35 years and have my own bookkeeping services. If I still have a problem in QuickBooks after my issue has been researched through many sources, I turn to Monica. She is the best QuickBooks Pro Advisor that I have had the pleasure to work with concerning any solution to a bookkeeping issue or just for a technical problem. I have recommended her to my clients that have a technical or a training matter requiring her excellent skills and knowledge. She is very pleasant and articulates very well in explaining any issue and her business sense and technical skills are far above other QuickBooks Pro Advisors that I have worked with before. If you want a highly recommended QuickBooks Pro Advisor, call Monica.”

Dedicated and Passionate
“Simply stated, Monica is committed to the small business owner’s success!”
Denise H. Gotthardt
BEACON Commercial Construction, Inc.

“Monica Muir, QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisor, has been helping me make sense with QuickBooks for over two years. As the General Manager of a commercial construction company, I contacted Monica to help me set-up our QuickBooks Premier: Contractor Edition. I foundMonica to be most helpful in setting up the whole QuickBooks operation in a smooth and efficient manner.  Her explanations of how the system works and its many uses were clear and easily followed.

I am always impressed with Monica’s knowledge of QuickBooks and her competent, common-sense approach. She is a true professional. Her knowledge, expertise and professionalism are refreshing and she has the skill set to deal with people of all skill levels; including me. I was a newcomer to QuickBooks when I called Monica in 2006.

When I first met her, my use of the QuickBooks program was limited and disorganized. Today, there is a huge difference. Monica trained me on how to use the program correctly. Monica is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of QuickBooks. She can help a customer decide which product is right for their business, train them on how to best apply the QuickBooks features and how to run reports to make their business work more efficiently.

Monica can put anyone at ease and make them feel comfortable using Intuit’s products by speaking in a language that they will understand and how it relates to their business. Simply stated, Monica is committed to the small business owner’s success!

Monica Muir is dedicated and passionate about her work and helping her clients. She is very respected by Intuit, her peers and clients. She truly works with her clients to make sure they are the most efficient that they can be.

I would gladly recommend Monica Muir to anyone looking for this level of professionalism working with any QuickBooks software.”

Saving Money and Time
“Monica Muir has been THE most influential piece of my business.”
David Apple
Apple Landscaping, Inc.

“Monica Muir has been THE most influential piece of my business since she has worked with Apple Landscaping, Inc. Her analysis of business patterns and trends has helped my company save enormous amounts of money and become more efficient as time goes on. My company clearly would not be in the position it is in today, in terms of market share and financial stability, without her analysis and advice. She is a wonderful person and extremely competent.”

Painless Transitions
“Honestly you actually made the transition painless. I tell people I could have certainly learned it on my own—the program is very intuitive but with your help I was up and running our entire company finances in no time!”
Rich Vallaster
Creosote Affects

“Having been a Quicken user for almost 10 years I was extremely comfortable with the program and hesitant to resist. In running the business I was using several different programs to actually “run” the business. I was using Word to generate invoices and Excel to input customers, track jobs, generate invoice data and see “roughly” what we were making on jobs.

When I made the switch to QuickBooks it all rolled into one program, which has saved me an enormous amount of time! It is amazing how it all works in tandem. In hind sight, that seems silly but it all really works. Probably my favorite features are the invoicing feature, the ability to print checks/pay bills right from QuickBooks and run payroll, the reports I can run and again, the overall integration of data. Our business credit card and bank of America account also can import right into QuickBooks so the data is always almost perfect. I do everything from it and often fire it up each day to just see where the company is. It also reminds me when I have things overdue, invoices that need to be sent or bills I need to pay.  It is sort of like having an accountant on staff.

The biggest challenge was thinking a little more like an accountant since some of the ‘names’ have changed.  Honestly you actually made the transition painless. I tell people I could have certainly learned it on my own—the program is very intuitive but with your help I was up and running our entire company finances in no time! Working with our actual files and how we run our company proved the onsite training was much more productive and effective. Overall, I can’t imagine our business without it.”

Perfect Guidance
“Monica’s consulting services were exactly what we were looking for.”
Carol Crabtree
Reliable Office Technologies

“Monica’s consulting services were exactly what we were looking for. She came along at the right time when our business was going through a big change and we needed some QuickBooks guidance. She didn’t oversell us and she helped us to get headed in the direction needed. Her friendly and professional demeanor made it a pleasure to work with her. I would recommend her services to anyone.”

Exceptional and Professional

“It’s hard to find a QuickBooks consultant to deal with the contracting business. Monica was the fourth consultant I hired and she was able to fix all the problems the other consultants caused.”
Christina Mayhew
Preferred Construction/Beach House Miracles

“I wanted to thank you so much for coming out to our office on such short notice. After our office was hit with lightening we found some major glitches with our computer especially with our QuickBooks accounting software. None of my balances were the same and the reconciliations were off by thousands of dollars.

Running a commercial interior renovation company is very time consuming and I did not have the time to find the glitches and then correct them myself. You came highly recommended through another BNI member who said that you were very professional and knowledgeable with the software plus general accounting principles. Unfortunately, when you tried to restore the back ups, one of the disks were corrupted and you were only able to restore three and a half of the 5 years worth of data. I was amazed at how quickly you were able to identify the problem areas within that last one and a half years and re-reconcile all those months. The keyboard short cuts that you showed us have really saved a lot of time when entering data. I am also extremely appreciative of the recommendations you gave us on how to utilize the software and reports to provide better job costing and budgeting features. Creating classes for each of the areas of our business helps us to see what services or locations are making a profit and which ones aren’t so we can give our attention to those areas. Memorizing our various job costing reports and cash flow reports makes it much easier to run the reports whether it is on a daily or weekly basis.

I feel much more comfortable with using QuickBooks and knowing that the information on the reports is accurate. We look forward to bringing you back to assist us with the setting up a new division of our company in Bethany Beach this summer. Thanks again for providing us exceptional and professional service and we look forward to working with you for many years.”

Above and Beyond

“She is truly a one of a kind support. Without her, I am not certain that I would be “up and running” today.”
Sandi Kroh
The Boxwood Collection

“Monica has been an instrumental support as I began my new business venture in September. She was already helping me with QuickBooks as I had a small business doing shows and selling from my home. She helped me to be ‘up and running’ with QuickBooks, helping me to reach a comfort level with the program.

Initiating my new retail business seemed like an insurmountable job. Monica was there for me and with me every step of the way as I began utilizing Point of Sale. I was completely overwhelmed with learning program and with the thought of entering my entire inventory. However, Monica worked with me at my store, setting  up the POS Program, helping to me learn the program, entering my inventory, training  an employee, making herself available what seemed like 24/7 to take my questions, remotely assisting me as needed and helping me to coordinate QuickBooks with POS. I knew and know that she is always there for me, supporting me and yes, even comforting and encouraging me. She constantly is monitoring my business needs, sending me articles that will help me, recommending people that may be able to help me and recommending many ways to help my business be more successful.

Monica is most knowledgeable and skilled in her field. I have worked with other QuickBook Pros, and no one has compared to Monica. Thanks to her, I love Point of Sale and know it is the best program to help monitor my business. I am utilizing a sophisticated program that will help me and my business, and thanks to Monica, I am beginning to master the utilization of POS. Most of all, Monica cares about me and my business. She is truly a one of a kind support. Without her, I am not certain that I would be ‘up and running’ today. I have a lot more to learn, and I know she will be there to broaden my knowledge and understanding of POS as well as QuickBooks. For her, I am most grateful. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Pro who will be there to assist, SUPPORT, and most of all CARE about your business!!!”